An Enlightened, Bountiful, Blissful and a Beautiful soul Maa Tatvamasi (previously known as Dr. Sunita Sharma) has incarnated to spread unconditional love and happiness to the world. On a physical level - Maa is a woman of stature, with beautiful visage. On a spiritual level - Her presence is soothing and gentle and from Her eyes emanates wisdom, understanding, compassion and strength. Maa started Her carrier as lecturer in Delhi University in 1994. In 1996 She established Sulaxmi Lok Sansthan. She is also the Chairperson and Managing Director, CMD of Sulaxmi Group which encompasses Sulaxmi Finance Pvt. Ltd. (a non-banking finance company duly regulated by Reserve Bank of India, RBI), Sulaxmi Corporation Ltd., Sulaxmi Club and etc. Maa has authored around dozen books. Poetry, novels, social issues, saints’ vision and wisdom, folklore etc are main forms and contents of Her books. She is the recipient of several awards including one from President of India. After Her Enlightenment in year 2008 a huge convergence took place in Her soul (kindly read ‘Inner Journey’ from Her personal website). Now, Maa is able to connect Herself with an old Sanskrit saying ‘Aham Brahmasmi (I am the God)’. It may sound like a statement full of proud and ego. One more humble word to describe the feeling is ‘Tatvamasi’. Once again it is a Sanskrit word which means ‘This is me only’.  To know more about Maa kindly visit and to receive Her daily spiritual messages kindly click at To know about Maa's past achievements visit

Maa Sunita Tatvamasi

(formerly known as Dr. Sunita Sharma)